Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA) is Police Training Institution based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The acedamy conducts training programs for Indian Police Service (IPS) officers before they are appointed to their respective state cadres to work.

This Police Training School was established on 15 September 1948 in Mount Abu, Rajasthan as the Central Police Training College (CPTC). In 1967, the CPTC was renamed as the National Police Academy (NPA). Later, in 1974, it was named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. In 1975, the Academy moved to Hyderabad, now capital city of Telangana state.

Apart from the Basic Training Course for IPS officers the Academy also conducts Compulsory Mid Career Training Programme for officers of SP., DIG. and IG/Addl DG levels of the Indian Police Service; Training of Trainers' Courses for the trainers of various police training institutions in the country; IPS Induction Training Course for State Police Service Officers; and short specialised thematic Courses, Seminars and Workshops on professional subjects for all levels of police officers. Foreign police officers and other officers belonging to Army/IAS/IFS/Judiciary, Public Sector Undertakings, Nationalised Banks, Insurance Companies etc. also attend various specialised courses conducted here from time to time. The Academy is affiliated to Osmania University for conducting courses on police subjects for IPS officers.


The primary purpose of the Academy is to prepare leaders for the Indian Police, who will lead the force with courage, uprightness, dedication and a strong sense of service to the people.


We aspire to be a Global Center of Excellence and the Nodal Center of Police Training in India - setting Benchmarking Standards, leading the Network of Police Training Institutions in the country and contributing to their Capacity Building, developing training literature, besides being a Centre for Research par excellence on Policing and Internal Security issues, ever keeping pace with emerging challenges.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy Courses

Basic Course

The purpose of training is to equip Probationers and to build their capacity to be able to meet the field challenges. The primary purpose of the Academy being to prepare leaders for the Indian Police, the Academy organizes basic induction training of new recruits to the Indian Police Service (referred to as Probationers). 

At the conclusion of basic training, the course aims to ensure that the Probationers acquire necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, understanding and behaviour required for effectively discharging the duties as Sub-Divisional Police Officers initially and later for various senior supervisory assignments in the rank of Superintendent of Police in Districts and Specialized units of the Police Department. The ‘Integrated Training’ format being used at the Academy to impart training focuses on fusion of three dimensions: Sensitisation (personal and social), Orientation (ethical and legal) and Competency (domain and inter-segmental).

  • Capacity building through the matrix of Sensitisation, Orientation and Competency.
  • Imparting professional knowledge and understanding.
  • Development of professional, Organisational and Community skills.
  • Nurturing human values, right attitudes and appropriate behaviour in professional and personal life and inculcating sensitivity.
  • Development of overall personality (character, habits, self-discipline, soft skills, norms, values, etiquette, etc.)
  • Transforming the Probationers into leaders of Police Stations and Police Districts.

Based on the recommendations of the Satish Sawhney Committee, the following programs started in 2002:
  • Level-I: Leadership Development Programme for SsP, (for 3 weeks)
  • Level-II: Management Development Programme for DsIG ( for 2 weeks)
  • Level-III Strategic Management Programme for IsGP ( for 1 week) 
The State Governments/DsGP were requested to nominate eligible IPS Officers to undergo these in-service training programmes at the SVP NPA. 

In Service Courses

Senior Course Section of the Academy is responsible for conducting the following: 
  • Induction Training Courses
  • Short Term courses for senior IPS officers and officers from other services.
  • Reunion seminars of IPS officers with 25, 30, 35 & 50 years’ service.


The Academy awards Research Fellowships, with the aim of promoting systematic study on contemporary problems of policing. The Academy has produced large number of research reports on emerging issues of policing. These research reports serve as a valuable data bank and rich resource material for researchers as well as field practitioners in policing.

SVPNPA Fellowship

  • On-going Research Projects
  • Completed Research Project Reports
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Researchers
  • Standard Operating Procedure for Internship
  • Lok Sabha Research Fellowships
Contact Details

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy
Shivaramapalli, Hyderabad - 500 052, INDIA.

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