National Research Centre on Meat

The National Research Centre on Meat (NRCM) was established in 1999 to conduct basic and applied research in the frontiner areas of meat science and technology and to develop human resource for the fast growing meat sector.

NRC on Meat as a premier institution of meat research to solve the problems and face challenges of meat and allied sectors development.

Development of modern organized meat sector through meat production, processing and utilization technologies to serve the cause of meat animal producers, processors and consumers.

Objective of NRC Media
  • Basic and applied research in meat science and technology for meat production, processing, value addition and utilization
  • Capacity development for different levels of personnel in meat sector
  • National repository of information in meat and allied sectors

Services in National Research Centre on Meat 

  • Meat species identification
  • Meat prices
  • Technology transfer
  • Training programs
  • Library
  • Meat Research Information Repository

National Research Centre on Meat Library

NRC on Meat has cater to the needs of scientific staff, trainees, visiting students of various Universities. It has around 900 books and subscribes 13 foreign journals and 6 Indian journals. The library is rich with its unique collections of books on Meat science, food science, animal science, etc which is being used extensively.

NRCM has direct access to CERA for online journals. Thesis of Ph.D. & M.V.Sc submitted to the different universities under the guidance of NRCM scientific staff is available for reference purposes. Besides these Annual reports, Newsletter, Bulletins, Extension materials published by the Centre and other Institutes are also on display.

Contact Details

National Research Centre on Meat
P.B.No – 19,
Boduppal post,
Hyderabad – 500 092.

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