Institute of Forest Biodiversity

The Institute of Forest Biodiversity was established during December 2012 by way of upgradation of the erstwhile Forest Research Centre, Hyderabad. The centre was initially known as 'Advanced Centre for Biotechnology and Mangrove Forests'. This, however has been changed to 'Forest Research Centre, Hyderabad'. 

The Institute is mandated to carry out research on forest biodiversity of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, with an emphasis on the forest biodiversity of Eastern Ghats. 
  • Quantitative ecological assessment and documentation of biodiversity of Eastern Ghats.
  • Genetic resource assessment of endemic and rare plants of Eastern Ghats for conservation planning.
  • Threat assessment for classification of Eastern Ghat biodiversity into rare, endangered and threatened species.
  • Utilization of Eastern Ghats biodiversity by applying the principles of genetic improvement, clonal propagation and agroforestry.
  • Protection of Eastern Ghats biodiversity from the endemic and introduced insects and pathogens.
  • Biodiversity and climate change especially effects of climate change on the biodiversity of Eastern Ghats and their mitigation.
  • Environmental impact assessment especially of mining and other mega projects on Biodiversity and their eco-rehabilitation.

Vision of Institute of Forest Biodiversity 

The vision of Institute of Forest Biodiversity is to attain excellence especially in conservation of forest and wild agri genetic resources of both plants and animals and forest biodiversity in general. It aims to facilitate sustainable utilization of resources by value addition wherever desirable and generate products and services, in a way that sustains diversity and productivity in an eco-friendly manner.

Divisions of Institute of Forest Biodiversity 

  • Forest Biodiversity
  • Genetic Resources
  • Climate Change and Biodiversity
  • Forest Ecology
  • Microbial Biodiversity and Forest Protection
  • Conservation Biology
  • Extension and Publicity (ICTS)
  • Mangroves and Coastal Ecology
Research and Extension endeavor of the institute is carried out under following divisions: 
  • Forest Ecology and Climate Change Division
  • Genetics and Tree Improvement Division
  • Extension Division
  • Coordination and Facilities
Contact Details

Institute of Forest Biodiversity
Dulapally, Kompally (SO), Hyderabad-500 100, Telengana (India)

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